Top 10 study and desk accessories

The study is a room which shouldn’t be forgotten about and nowadays there’s no shortage of accessories which are funky but functional, helping personalise your home work space.

We’ve have put together a list of 10 items which would look good in any study, including both classic must-haves and fun items which are sure to be a talking point with visitors.

1. Tape Dispener

The Holding Company has brought out this tape dispenser shaped like a cassette tape, an iconic item which would look smart on any desk and be really useful.

The cost is £12.50.

Cassette tape dispenser

2. Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Remember how those in the know are always telling us how dirty the average keyboard is?

Well Totally Funky has the perfect way of eliminating all these crumbs and dust. Who could resist Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner, the popular cleaner now in a desktop size?

Usually priced at £12.99, Desktop Henry is currently on sale at £9.99.

Henry desk cleaner

3. Silver Mobile Phone Holder

This silver mobile phone holder would make a fantastic gift for people of all ages. It costs £19 from Gift Rush but the price includes an engraved personalised message.

It is a rather stylish alternative to leaving your mobile under a pile of papers.

Sleek mobile holder

4. Desk Daisy

Shiny Shack always has a good selection of items with added novelty value. One of our favourites is this paperclip holder which is shaped like a daisy with magnets for the paperclips to cling to and which make the petals.

The Daisy comes with thirty colourful clips at a price of £9.99.

Paperclip daisy

5. Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener

Curiosite sells unusual gifts and gadgets. This Vintage Reflex Camera Pencil Sharpener is both stylish and practical.

Pencils are sharpened using the old fashioned wind up method, and the sharpener can be adjusted for different sized pencils. It also has a small drawer to gather shavings. The price is £12.71.

Vintage camera sharpener

6. Morris the Memo Holder

The Luckies store on Not on the High Street sells these fun looking memo pad holders.

Available in red, white or black and measuring 14 cm x 15 cm x 3 cm, they are an attractive addition to the desk top.

Memo holder

7. Two Globe Bookends

This set of striking vintage bookends from Past Times is a bit pricy at £110 for the set. But if you want to treat yourself these miniature globe bookends would really stand out on your book case.

Made using the traditional Gravure printing process, the lines, words and symbols are all extremely sharp.

Globe bookends

8. USB Powered Desktop Fan

Summer days tend to creep up on us and before we know it we’re in need of a fan but they have sold out in the shops. This neat little USB powered desktop fan costing £5.99 from Paramount Zone is small enough to be stored in a drawer.

Powered via a USB port it comes with its own stand.

Desktop fan

9. Conceal Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be used to make a statement, or in the case of these conceal bookshelves from RedCandy, they can do quite the opposite, giving the appearance that the books are resting mid air!

The shelves are made of metal and are reasonably priced at £17 each.

Floating shelves

10.  World timer, Paperweight and Magnifier

This silver plate paperweight is a novel way of keeping paper tidy. It has a removable magnifier as well as a world timer which works out time zones across the world. You just have to swivel the top round and match the capital city with the time.

The world timer paperweight is available from Annabel Chaffer and costs £23.

Keep track of world time zones

By Jackie Coshh

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