Red home accessories: Top 10 red cushions

Cushions can brighten a room – they can add colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme, and they can change the look of a room completely, all for very little cost. In a new series we look at some of our favourites, starting with red cushions.

1. Knitted red cushion

Handmade accessories are always popular and nothing shouts ‘handmade’ more than knitted. This knitted red cushion is plain red with a natural oak wooden button . It costs £39.99 from Courtyard Boutique and would make a good contrast, either against another colour, or in a neutral room.

2. Knitted red polka dot cushion

Dots are in fashion, whether it is on pottery or on cushions. We love this knitted red dotty cushion which is made from lambswool. Feather & Black market it as a bedroom cushion but it could also go in the living room. At the moment they are selling it reduced, down from £40 to £20 – a great price.

3. Newport Beach Drift Island cushion

We included this Newport Beach Drift Island cushion because we felt it was a little bit different. It would be perfect if you like American themed accessories. The colour is described as Bordeaux, so it’s not too bright and it looks as if it would fit in to the bedroom or living room. The price is good – £9.95 from Linens Limited.

4. Neuville embroidered boudoir cushion

This neuville embroidered boudoir cushion is definitely one for the bedroom. It is more of a wine than a red. Made with soft faux satin it has four different colours of large spots on it. you can buy it for £7.20 from Terrys Fabrics.

5. Red silk brocade cushion

The Ethnic Emporium sells this red silk brocade cushion for £7.19. The detail in it is gorgeous, and it is made from 100% silk. On the front a series of rectangles contain beautiful flowers, with an Indian elephant in the centre.

6. Joules Strongman circus cushion

This Joules Strongman circus cushion is one of the most fun looking cushions on the market. Strongman stands tall in a green suit on a red background. It is part of the Joules Strongman circus range with the cushion costing £40 from John Lewis.

7. Matryoshka cushion

Horsfall & Wright have designed this Matryoshka cushion. It is made in France from traditional tapestry and weaving techniques, and Not on the High Street sell it for £69.95. The pink Russian doll stands proudly on a red background and really stands out. This is probably one to be positioned on plain furniture so that the beauty and design of the doll can be admired.

8. John Paul Gaultier tartan twiggy cushion

From designer John Paul Gaultier we have this beautiful tartan twiggy cushion. The red and grey tartan design is stunning, and is complemented with a leather look strap and buckle. You can buy the cushion for £86.50 at Amara.

9. Chicago ruby cushion

‘Chic’ is the word which keeps springing to mind about this Chicago ruby cushion. Small and round the cushions costs £9.99 from Cushion Couture. It looks as if it would be perfect on a chaise long.

10. Indian traditional print block cushion cover in red paisley design

The last one on the list is this Indian traditional print block cushion in red paisley design. Indian interiors supplier Bhatik sells it for £30 and you can also buy a matching throw.

By Jackie Cosh

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