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Cargo Home Maker is the wesbite of the Cargo store, which has shops across England. While they have a good selection of furniture, we decided to take a look at the home accessories they have in stock. Here is our top ten of what we found useful or beautiful.

Live Laugh Love sign on chain

There are many variations of the Live Laugh Love sign on chain on the market. What we liked about this one was that it has all three – live, laugh and love.  The three rustic plaques are all different, all with their own short message, and tied together with a chain. It gives a little reminder of how simple life should really be. The price of the plaque is £12.

Round striped red bowl

Doesn’t this round striped red bowl look gorgeous? Mostly black, with two red stripes, it would look good as a centrepiece for a table or coffee table. The price of the bowl is £18.

Hanging slate board

This is a very simple looking hanging slateboard, a bit like how one would imagine the first slate boards would have looked. For £12 you get a piece of slate, hung up with string, with a red gingham bow.

Wooden letter 12 drawer decorative storage unit

This wooden letter 12 drawer decorative storage unit is black with wooden letters (from A to L) on each of the twelve drawers. Perfect for storing niknaks. The price of the unit is £30.

Mango wood decorative storage unit

We also love this mango wood 4 drawer decorative storage unit. It it similar in type to the wooden letter one, but in many respects very different with the mango wood giving it a stunning look. The cost of this storage unit is £12.

Drawer knob buttons

We do like to see imaginative products, which is why this multicoloured buttons drawer knob caught our eye. For £3 each you get these wonderfully bright drawer knobs which could be used to brighten up or revamp old furniture.

Egg shell egg poacher

Both innovative and unusual these egg shell egg poachers will poach your eggs in what must be the most appropriately designed poachers. For £5 you get two poachers – one a yoke coloured yellow, one white.

Ornate oval pewter frame

This ornate oval 4 x 6 frame pewter is on the list because of its traditional design. It is crying out for a portrait and would look wonderful on a living room wall, perhaps as part of a set. The price is £10.

Oval glass wall clock

Cargo sells this stunning looking oval glass wall clock in red. The red clock has a white centre, and striking looking large numbers. The word ‘Paris’ is printed in the  middle. We love the shabby chic look of the clock which costs £28.

Wire heart key holder

This wire heart key holder is very simply made with wire shaped into a heart shape, the word ‘keys’ on the front and several hooks for hanging keys up. The price of the key holder is £9.

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