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Modern, contemporary, and at times unique, the Dwell website is great for anyone not within travelling distance of one of their five stores. Before you pick your favourites from the site take a look at our top ten home accessories.

1. Memo board floppy disc

Providing a nostalgic slant to a moden looking item, the memo board floppy disc is 30cm by 28cm and comes with a black marker. The price is £24.95.

2. Slick quad recycle bin stainless steel

You could find many uses for this slick quad stainless steel recycle bin. If you are the sort of person who likes things tidied away out of sight then this is perfect. Dwell sells it for £299.

3. Slate soap dispenser

It was the rough authentic look of this slate soap dispenser which caught our eye. It is a beautiful piece which would fit in with most colour schemes. The cost of the dispenser is £19.95

4.Touch soap dispenser green

Another soap dispenser which caught our eye is this green touch soap dispenser costing £12.95. Shaped like a minion from Despicable Me, and sitting on a small stand, you simply press on the top to get soap. The colour is a bit 1970s, but the shape is modern.

5.  Organic iron vase set of ten

This organic iron vase set is quite quaint. Both modern and old-fashioned, the vases are shiny black on the outside and bronze-gold look inside. They vary in shape and size which means they can hold a wide variety of decor and be placed in any room. The price for the set is £99.

6. Black jewellery tree

This black jewellery tree looks very useful for those late night when you don’t have the energy to put your jewellery away. Priced at £24.95 and made of plastic, it has branches for watches and chains, and rings and earings can be placed below.

7. Puzzle photo frame

This looks like a great idea. The puzzle photo frame multi is 32cm by 32cm and in it you can display 15 photos which can be moved around, similar to the puzzle boards kids play with. The price is £24.95.

8. Happy friends door hooks

A bit of humour in your home accessories is good at times and we think this set of three happy friends door hooks are great. The three hooks cost £19.95 and would be the perfect gift for someone.

9. Leaf bowl

We like this iron leaf bowl for its simplicity. Black on the outside and with a shiny inside it is very neutral in colour – perfect for the middle of  coffee table or anywhere in the kitchen or living room really. The bowl costs £55.

10. Rainbow wall clock white hands

Dwell has an excellent range of wall clocks, some of them quite bizarre looking. We liked this rainbow wall clock with white hands as it is easy to see the hour markings and ultimately tell the time. It is made of glass, metal and plastic and the markings are all different colours. The clock is bright, fresh and modern and costs £39.

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