7 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

This year spring officially begins on March 20th so, with less than a month to go, it is time to start bringing some spring sunshine back into your home.

1. Natural Sunlight Clock

Natural sunlight alarm clock

Waking up when it is dark makes it so much harder to get out of our warm, comfortable beds, but during those darker months, what are you supposed to do instead? The Sad Shop has the solution with these amazing natural sunlight alarm clocks, starting from just £25.95. They mimic a real sunrise so you can wake up gently and naturally, making it easier to get up and on your way during the winter.

2. Luxury Bird Cage Mobile

Bird cage design mobile

Mobiles make a beautiful finishing touch to a baby’s nursery, but did you know they can also be a wonderful addition to the rest of your home as well? For example, this gorgeous Luxury Bird Cage Mobile, priced at £69 from Notonthehighstreet.com would look amazing in any conservatory, sunroom or bedroom.

3. Haoshi’s Swallow Clock

Swallow design clock

What better reminder that spring is on its way than seeing migrating birds flying across the sky? With the Swallow Clock from eastern designer Haoshi, you can bring that wonderful sight right into your home. The unique design makes it look as though the swallows around the clock are actually in flight! For UK stockists of the Swallow Clock, on sale for £132, check out Object&line.

4. Garden Wind Chime

Decorative garden wind chime

You don’t necessarily have to have a garden to enjoy the beautiful sounds of a wind chime – you can hang it anywhere you like! This delightful sunshine mobile from Gardens2You, priced at just £7.99, would look lovely in your kitchen or bathroom and will add a musical touch to your home.

5. Lamb’s Wool Cushion

Soft and cosy check cushion

Spring lambs are one of the best things about the lighter nights and warmer weather – they are so cute and full of energy! Having a lamb bouncing around your home is not really practical but these soft and stylish lamb’s wool cushions are the next best thing. Available from The Sofa Throw Company from £45, they will make a classy addition to your home décor.

6. Daffodil Blinds

Pretty Spring daffodil flower design blinds

Spring just wouldn’t be spring without some daffodils in your home. But they don’t last forever and sometimes you want that beautiful, bright colour in your home for longer. The solution is one of these super Daffodil print blinds from Roman Blinds Direct. Depending on your preference and budget, you can get blinds or curtains made to fit any room.

7. Decorative Mirror

Funky mirror from Graham and Green

The best thing about spring is that we start to get longer days with more sunshine, chasing away those winter blues. If you have been longing for the sunlight to come back into your home, give it a boost with a beautiful decorative mirror to reflect more light back into your home. This unusual design from Graham and Green, on sale at £225, is particularly eye-catching.

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