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Contemporary wallpapered room

What are the walls in your home like? If they’re relatively plain, or could do with an uplift, then using wallpaper or a wallcover is the ideal solution. Here’s why.

Wallpaper has made a huge come-back in popularity over the last decade and there’s now a brilliant selection of designs, collections and ranges you can choose from.

You could go bold and add bright colours or patterns, go glam by decorating with metallic or shimmer wallpaper, go classic by using traditional designs, be subtle by using neutral wallcoverings, or add texture by using textural wallpaper.

Whatever your décor preference, budget or the room you’d like to paper, has plenty of stunning options to create the effect you’d like.


Still need convincing about the benefits of using a wallcover? Here are 10 more reasons why we’re a fan of this versatile form of home decoration.

10 reasons to use a wallcover


  1. A wallcovering is versatile. There’s something suitable to decorate most rooms of your home, from bedrooms to living rooms, bathrooms and hallways.
  1. Wallpaper is budget-friendly. Different designs and styles are available at differing price ranges and there are plenty of affordable options around.
  1. A wallcover enables you to create stunning feature walls easily and quickly. It can be easier than trying to paint a design or intricate pattern on your wall.
  1. A wallcover can be used to create interior design tricks. For example, with the right choice of wallpaper, you can make a small room appear bigger or a narrow room seem wider.
  1. Wallpaper allows you to add character to a room. Fancy a quirky downstairs loo? No problem!
  1. You can explore new trends and try new styles. If you don’t like it, or change your mind, you can remove it and start again.
  1. Wallpaper can help bring your interior design to completion. You can unify the design of a room through the use of co-ordinating colour or pattern on your walls.
  1. A wallcovering is suitable for all ages. There are some brilliant wallpaper designs for nurseries and children’s rooms, as well as growing tweens and teens.
  1. You can hide wall defects. If there’s an unsightly crack on your wall, or another form of defect, it can be strategically hidden by hanging wallpaper.
  1. Wallpaper doesn’t have to just be used on walls. You can use off-cuts to create coordinated furniture or accessories, by lining shelves, papering drawers or even decorating your stairs with wallpaper.

Finally, if you’re worried about how to hang wallpaper, check out this guide to successful wallpaper hanging.

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