Love your bathroom: Top 10 bathroom accessories


The bathroom is a room which is sometimes forgotten about, but in reality the decor and accessories deserve as much attention as the rest of your home. It doesn’t take much to brighten a bathroom up, so here are 10 ideas for accessories, from colourful to quirky, to give you a start.

1. Canaglia nail clipper by Alessi

The Canaglia nail clipper is a small item which can sit neatly at the side of the bath. To us it looks like  a headless animal but you may have your own ideas. Cost s £13 from Dotmaison.

2.Silver sparkle bin

Next sell some lovely bathroom accessories. This silver sparkle bin is made with crackle glass detail and costs £28.

3. Bathroom scale with hook

Dotmaison markets this bathroom scale with hook as being ideal for small bathrooms. And it would save floor space. But it would even suit a larger bathroom. The stainless bathroom scale comes with a hook and would look quite decorative. The price is £173.

4. Set of two white wooden storage boxes

The distressed wood on this set of two white wooden storage boxes give them a rather shabby chic feel and the ornate carvings really finish them off. If you have room in your bathroom they would be great for holding facecloths and spare toiletries. The set costs £24.95  from Marquis and Dawe.

5. Sandstone soapdish

This soapdish from The White Company is made from sandstone, a porous substance which absorbs water but dries quickly afterwards. It is made in a slight concave shape to hold the soap and has protective stoppers on the base. The sandstone soapdish costs £14.

6. Stuck bath plug

Shiny Shack has some amusing items for sale, none more so than this stuck bath plug. The plug is a red fish tail and half its body and is 9cm long. Cost is £6.99.

7. Medium round driftwood mirror

This medium round driftwood mirror would really finish a room off.  The sea worn driftwood pieces are arranged in a beautiful layered lattice pattern before being nailed togther. It is available in two sizes – medium or large, with the medium one costing £110 from Coastal Home.

8. Light pull

We don’t tend to spend much time thinking about light pulls. And most are pretty plain. But this shining light pull is rather unique. Powered from light during the day, it gives off a gentle green glow, making it easy to find in the dark. It also comes with a 1.5 metre cord. Shiny Shack sell it for £6.99.

9. Happy stripes bathroom scales

These happy stripes bathroom scales are very modern looking, particularly with the bright stripes. Cost is £55 from Heal’s.

10. Lattice heart large soap dish on legs

This pretty lattice heart large soap dish on legs is big enough to hold a sponge, cloth and soap. It is made of metal and painted and distressed. It costs £12.95 from Live Laugh Love.

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