Low Cost Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Pebble grey kitchen with island cabinet

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Home renovations are something we all need and want at certain points in time.

We renovate, update and decorate our homes for different reasons. Some get tired of looking at the same thing every single day, some just can’t make up their minds or feel the need to express themselves through their homes and work on them till they find satisfaction.

Or sometimes one thing breaks and needs a replacement and you think “Hey if I am going to change that why not change something else, too!”

But whether you have decided to renovate several rooms, the outside of the house, only one room, or just one tiny bit of the entire house, the budget is often critical.

The kitchen is a very important part of every household and is often the room that people want to makeover. It is where we spend time on preparing food, eating that food and just gather with friends or family to spend some time with each other.

Aside from the essential cooking appliances, one of the elements that tends to take up much of the space in a kitchen is our cabinets. They dominate how we organise our kitchen and how efficiently things run, plus influence how we decorate the room.

So if you have made up your mind to do a kitchen makeover, but haven’t got a huge budget, the one thing you might like to prioritise are your kitchen cabinets.

The good news is that if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on buying completely new kitchen cabinets, there are plenty of creative and low-cost ideas you can use to achieve the changes you crave.

Update your kitchen cabinets

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Paint your cabinets

You could buy some paint and paint your cabinets a new colour, or a mix of colours, to freshen them up.

Change your cabinet doors

If you’d like a change of look, an easy way of achieving it is to change your cabinet doors. Keep the base of the cabinet, which generally doesn’t show, but update the style by having new doors.

Country kitchen with open shelves

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Rearrange your cabinets

Depending on your personal style and possibilities, you can simply remove the cabinets from the walls and rearrange them in a different and more entertaining way.

Remove your cabinets

If you want more space, you could remove some of your built-in cabinets, and replace them with freestanding options. This could free up some space on a wall and allow you to use it to put up a painting, clock or family photos instead.

Open display kitchen cabinet

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Build your own shelves

If you have the DIY ability (or know someone who has!) you can build your own shelves and put them up instead. For a country kitchen style, a mixture of cabinets and shelves works well.

Remove some cabinet doors

If DIY is not your forte, but you fancy the idea of trying some open shelves, you can simply remove the doors from one or two cabinets. That way you can show off some of your pretty cups and plates.

Make cabinet curtains

If you don’t want to show what is inside your cabinets, another simple idea is to reuse pieces of drapes and make little curtains for your cabinets, instead of doors. Or you can buy new ones, it will definitely cost you less than buying new kitchen cabinet as a whole.

Classic country kitchen

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Change your cabinet handles

Little details make a difference, for example you can buy new door handles for your cabinet doors. Some fancy ones, or some funny ones, whichever you like. Be creative.

Add glass cabinet doors

Finally, you can make cut outs on the doors in different shapes, or simply turn your wooden cabinet doors into glass cabinet doors.

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and think about how you want your new cabinets and kitchen to look and get to work!


The guest article is contributed by Patricia Cornwell who runs a company called DPCPower Cleaners Highbury

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