How to choose the right duvet for the right season

What tog duvet do you need? Check out this handy guide to choosing the right duvet for the right season.

Amid constant changes in the British temperature, you want to make sure you get a comfortable night’s rest all year round no matter the weather outside. To make sure of this there are several things to consider in regards to the duvet you use.

If you’re looking at buying new duvets you will need to decide what fillings are best for you personally, as well as choosing which ones will provide sufficient warmth in the winter and great breathability during the summer.

To help you decide, here is our guide to choosing the right duvets throughout the year.

What is a ‘tog’ rating?

Firstly, you need to think about the ‘tog’ of your duvet. This stands for the thermal overall grade, which basically measures how warm a duvet will keep you. This will generally range from a 4 to a 13.5 tog level of duvet warmth. You will be best off with a tog ranging between 4 – 7.5 for the summer months, while a tog of 12 or above will better suit the winter months.

For duvets that are intended to be used all year round, the recommendation is usually a 10.5 tog, depending on how cold or warm you get. If you prefer to buy duvets according to the seasons, then there are some further options out there.

Winter duvets

Get warm for winter with a cosy 13.5 tog duvet

Buying duvets with a tog rating of 12-13.5 will not only have high insulating properties but will also make you feel cosy and comfortable in every room of the house during the winter months.

The warmth of a duvet is greatly complimented by a comfortable material. Fillings like duck or goose feather and down are ideal for combining warmth with comfort. However, if you are allergic to this type of material, hollofibre filling will prove to be a great alternative.

Furthermore, hollofibre is a cost effective option that offers great longevity.

Summer duvets

When it comes to the warm summer months, your best bet is to look for breathable materials that provide extra comfort. This is an approach of proven value as duvets of this kind are used in hotels for the benefit of all guests.

Materials with lower tog ratings ranging between 4 – 7.5 will keep you feeling comfortable at night. A popular choice of duvet with this kind of tog rating are those with a hollofibre filling as they will provide a comfortable night’s sleep even when it gets warm during the spring and summer months.

What about duvets for all year round?

If you would rather not live by the seasons there are several duvets available that will allow you to experience comfort all year even as the climate changes. For a duvet with this capability you need to choose fillings that will not only keep you warm but will also be breathable and light .

Why not opt for a goose down and feather filled duvet with a tog rating of 10.5? This will not only work well all year around but will also offer a extra soft night’s sleep. However, if you suffer from allergies, you could instead try a hypoallergenic alternative such as a silk filled duvet which boasts hypoallergenic properties to prevent allergies and offers the same tog rating and sumptuous experience.

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