A Parliament of Owls: Top Owl Accessories for your Home

Twit twoo! Bring a parliament of owls into your home, with these gorgeous owl themed accessories.

1. Owl print

Contemporary owl print by Ingrid Petrie design

This contemporary style owl print is by Ingrid Petrie design. It’s £15.

2. Mr Wild Owl stool

Really quirky white owl design stool or side table

This large white ceramic owl is designed to be used as a stool or side table. It would be perfect in a hall, bedroom or living room. £98 from Graham and Green.

3. Owl design teapot

Super quirky owl design teapot by Hannah Turner Ceramics

This super quirky owl design teapot is part of a range by Hannah Turner Ceramics. Buy it on its own, or match it up with coordinating pieces. The teapot is £32.99.

4. Bone china owl lamp

Cute white bone china owl lamp from White Rabbit England

Light up a room, with this handmade bone china white owl lamp. It’s produced in the UK and available for £78 from White Rabbit England.

5. Designer barn owl paperweight

Designer barn owl paperweight by Royal Crown Derby

Gorgeously designed and distinctive in style, this Royal Crown Derby barn owl paperweight is a lovely decorative piece for owl fans to enjoy. It’s £150 from House of Fraser.

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