3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Colour Scheme

When it comes to refurbishing a room, people often go about things the wrong way and end up struggling to find colours that match and complement each other. The colour scheme of any room in your home, whether that be a main dining area or a bedroom, can drastically impact the vibe and atmosphere of that space.

To help you create the perfect colour scheme for your home, here are some top tips from expert interior designers, Cream and Browne!

The Colour Wheel – Choosing Your Scheme

Have you ever bought an item of clothing that you are sure will go perfectly with an item you already own at home, only to find that the colours completely clash? This is very similar to the concept of colours in interior design, different shades and tones of colours match perfectly whereas others look mismatched.

This is when you refer to the colour wheel. The colour wheel is the perfect tool for interior designers and artists to see which colours complement each other and which colours create contrast.

Using the colour wheel in interior design

Step Away From the Paint

Once you have a colour in mind, your first thought is usually to go out and search for paint – but stop there! It is far easier to match your furnishings to a paint colour, so buy these first.

If you are having a feature wall, it is now that you would choose the style of your wallpaper.

Be careful to keep in mind your theme when gathering your accessories and furnishings as there is a difference between selecting multiple hues for a room and putting a load of green things in a room and calling it a colour scheme!

Drawing room interior design scheme by Cream and Browne

Living Room Colour Scheme

Finishing Touches – Lighting

Once your walls have been painted, wallpaper has been applied and soft furnishings put out you may find that something feels missing.

Lighting is a clever way to change the entire feel of your room; warm yellow lights are ideal for a more welcoming and cosy room whereas bright modern lights are the practical and stylish option for open plan living rooms or kitchens.

You could even be bold and experiment with coloured lighting for a more futuristic feel!

Amazing futuristic kitchen design by Cream and Browne interior designers

Kitchen Interior Design

Cream and Browne are highly experienced UK based interior designers with a passion to create and unveil stunning projects that fit perfectly to their clients’ visions. Working for a large variety of residential, commercial and international clients means Cream & Browne have a vast amount of knowledge in transforming properties into homes that reflect the personality and style of their clients.

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