Elegant home lighting tips

Lighting can be a tricky thing to get right and finding elegant lighting for you home that is both practical and striking can take some time. Don’t despair though, here are some starter tips for different styles from pendants to table lamps, plus insight into the top lighting styles this season.

Gorgeous bubble style pendant lights will add elegance to your home

Pendant lights can be used to highlight an area, whether it be a dark hallway or a relaxed and cosy reading nook.  They can also grouped together to create a bold statement. Try three in a row above a kitchen island or a few clustered above a dining table. Arranging the lights at different heights and mixing and matching designs can add even more interest and would make your space unique and personal.  This is a relatively simple way to add some interior flare to your home and a great first step on your design journey.

Lasvit neverending glory pendant llights

Czech brand Lasvit, founded by Leon Jakimic, have some beautiful oversized pendants that could look absolutely stunning if you have the ceiling height to fit them.  The designers were inspired by the great concert halls and theatres of the world and you can really see this in their extravagant silhouettes and opulent, smooth finishes.

Add colour and style to your lighting, with a giant anglepoise lamp
Floor lamps have had resurgence in the past few years and are being used more and more as statement pieces.  Anglepoise have supersized their iconic design and create the Giant 1227 Vivid lamp.  It is over 2.5 metres tall and comes in a range of bright colours.  A floor lamp this grand would be perfect in an older home with plenty of space and high ceilings, one that requires a bit of a modern update or contemporary flourish.  Alternatively, it could be the perfect piece for your outdoor seating area.  Find it at The Longest Stay.


Using a wall light or table lamp is a very simple way to add an accent of interest to your space.  Metallics are very on trend this season and it would be easy to incorporate this contemporary trend into your home through a practical solution like a light.  No longer are they just there for lighting certain areas, which is vital in a good design concept, but they have slowly but surely become style pieces all of their own.

MITTE wall light

Beautiful designs like the Creative Mary Mitte wall lamp are a great example of how a traditional silhouette has been taken and amplified up to the modern day with the shiny brass and simple, smooth glass.  Many classic designs have been used as inspiration for a lot of the contemporary lighting we see today.

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