Novelty lollipop design lights


Inject a sense of fun into your child’s bedroom, with these novelty lolly design lights. Reminiscent of sunny summer days, time at the beach and that thing called sunshine, the colouful lights will lighten up a dark corner with style. Consisting of 12 lollipops on three metres of chain, the lights are LED and operated by…

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How to choose the right duvet for the right season

Get warm for winter with a cosy 13.5 tog duvet

Amid constant changes in the British temperature, you want to make sure you get a comfortable night’s rest all year round no matter the weather outside. To make sure of this there are several things to consider in regards to the duvet you use. If you’re looking at buying new duvets you will need to decide what…

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Space saving hacks for your new home office

How to set up a home office

Some people have the luxury of lots of room when they’re setting up their home offices, but don’t worry if you’re a little lacking in square footage. With a few simple design hacks, it’s possible to create a stylish, functional work area in even the smallest space. Whether you’re setting up under the stairs, on…

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Low Cost Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers

Pebble grey kitchen with island cabinet

(Image source) Home renovations are something we all need and want at certain points in time. We renovate, update and decorate our homes for different reasons. Some get tired of looking at the same thing every single day, some just can’t make up their minds or feel the need to express themselves through their homes…

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How to beautify your boudoir

How to beautifiy your boudoir

Your bedroom acts as your own personal haven, so it’s only right that it’s decorated to perfection. If your room is more uninspiring than inviting, it might be the time to reinvent your sleeping space. Here are some simple suggestions that may help you successfully beautify your boudoir. Adopt a theme If you feel your…

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Decorate your walls with wallpaper

Contemporary wallpapered room

What are the walls in your home like? If they’re relatively plain, or could do with an uplift, then using wallpaper or a wallcover is the ideal solution. Here’s why. Wallpaper has made a huge come-back in popularity over the last decade and there’s now a brilliant selection of designs, collections and ranges you can choose from….

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How To Care For Your Precious Metals

Baytree Interiors featured on Home Gems

When we have splashed out on something special for our home, we want it to stay looking its best for as long as possible. Whether you’ve brought home a vintage brass picture frame or a satin-chrome finish light, there are different ways to look after your precious items. Brass With the recent resurgence in popularity…

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7 Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Pretty Spring daffodil flower design blinds

This year spring officially begins on March 20th so, with less than a month to go, it is time to start bringing some spring sunshine back into your home. 1. Natural Sunlight Clock Waking up when it is dark makes it so much harder to get out of our warm, comfortable beds, but during those…

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